LS GL GLS GLS Automatic
Engine 4-cylinders in line, side draught variable choke carburettor, pre-engaged starter motor
Cubic Capacity 928 cc 1295 cc 1598 cc 1598 cc
Bore/Stroke 70/60.3 mm 78.6/66.68 mm 87.35/66.68 mm 87.35/66.68 mm
Engine Output 42 bhp/5000 rpm 54 bhp/5000 rpm 80 bhp/5400 rpm 80 bhp/5400 rpm
Maximum Torque 52 lb ft/2800 rpm 69 lb ft/2600 rpm 91 lb ft/2900 rpm 86 lb ft/4600 rpm
Compression Ratio 9.0:1 8.8:1 8.8:1 9.4:1
Side draught variable choke caburettors Zenith 150 CD 3 Zenith 150 CD 3 Zenith 175 CD Zenith 175 CD
Fuel Economy
Constant Speed 90 km/h (56 mph) 6.3l/100 km 7.3l/100 km 7.3l/100 km 8.0l/100 km
Constant Speed 120 km/h (75 mph) 9.0l/100 km 9.6l/100 km 9.9l/100 km 10.3l/100 km
Urban driving 7.5l/100 km 10.9l/100 km 10.8l/100 km 10.9l/100 km
Clutch 191 mm (7.5 in.) diameter spring type, mechanically operated from pendant pedal           Four speed automatic transmission
Suspension Front/Rear Fully inpendent coil springs with hydraulic telescopic struts and anti-roll bar / Four links and coil springs with telescopic shock absorbers mounted behind axle
Rack and pinion type.
Turning Circle
9.6 m (31.5 ft.)
Hydraulic dual circuit, vacuum servo assisted system. 241 mm (9.5 in.) diameter front discs, 206 mm (8.0 in.) diameter rear drums, automatic adjustment
Wheels Pressed steel Styled pressed steel Styled wheel covers Styled wheel covers
Tyres 145 x 13 radial ply 155 x 13 radial ply 155 x 13 radial ply 155 x 13 radial ply
Overall Lenght
3840 mm (151.1 in)
Wheights (unladen) 829 kg 894 kg 894 kg 919 kg
Petrol Tank
45 l (10 gallons)
Electronic System
40 amp negative earth battery, coil and distributor with fully automatic centrifugal and vacuum control, 14 mm sparking plugs, alternator charging

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