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This Talbot press pics were sent to the car dealers as information material just before the launch.
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I found this 1980 serie 1 beauty at a German youngtimer/oldtimer museum and dealer called "Meilenwerk". The car runned 48.250 km and the condition is very good and original. As I visited this place later, the car was sadly away. I think its saled now.

This Sunbeam Lotus (cassis no. T4DCYBL400858) was bought new in August 1981 in France and sold in April 1984 to Belgium. It has the same owner until now. The car runned 65.000 km. The original service book is available. The Sunbeam is for sale now. You can contact the owner under eric300kmh@skynet.be.

The owner of this Sunbeam Lotus is from Denmark. His name is Benny.The car is from 19.08.1980 and runned 39.300 km. It has no rust, dints or scratches, he only painted it because it had fainted over the years, The decals are new, too. The car is completely original exept the drivers seat, the pre-owner has replaced it to a race seat. A Danish car magazine has made a television report of Benny's Sunbeam, you can view the video of it here.

This is a picture of a 1983 Avon Sunbeam Lotus owned by Paul Meaden. The car has been restored and the mileage is 65000 miles.The car has uprated suspension and has a slightly modified engine.It also has a Limeted Slip Diff and a quick rack. For more informations about the Sunbeam Avon take a look in the category "History".

Lotus und Chrysler built 36 prototype cars during the development time. Steve Conry owns one of it. The car wit the registration number DWK 171T was the engine development car and the Lotus engine was run to destruction! So it was fitted with a 1964cc Brazilian engine from the competition department. It is registered as a Chrysler Sunbeam Lotus.

A Sunbeam owner from the UK sent me this beautiful pics. The date of the first registration is October, 23rd 1980. It was rebuilt and the condition is very well. The car was owned by Talbot for the first few months of its life. A special feature is the interior of this car. The owner had researched, that the seats are the originals, because the fixings for the material are factory fitted. Many thanks for this pics.

The Sunbeam Lotus fan Juergen was looking for a Sunbeam Lotus for a long time, which he can restaurate. Someday, a friend called him on the phone an told him, that he found a "Lada with Lotus decals", which stands in a barn for 15 years. Jürgen knew directly, that this could be only a Sunbeam Lotus and he was right! Then he bought the car. The car from 1982 runned 80.000 km, the condition is very well, it has only some little accidental damages. He will keep us up-to-date with new pics about his restauration!

On the first two pics of this picture series you can see the ex Sunbeam Lotus from Dan Terry. Sadly, he sold it ten years ago. He wants to know something about his ex car with the reg. number DDU 69Y. If someone knows where this car is located now, please contact me. The pics of the black Sunbeam Lotus were made by Dan on the Goodwood Festival of Speed in the year 2003. Many thanks for this pics Dan!

This pic sent me a Sunbeam driver from the Netherlands.

I found this pictures at a Lotus Forum on the net. The owner wanted to sell his car in 2006.

Here you can see a 1982 series 2 Sunbeam Lotus in Moonstone Blue from the UK. It runned 68.500 miles. Recently, the car was for sale at ebay. The friendly owner of this car sent this pics to me.

This very beautyful car was rebuilt by a Sunbeam driver from the UK. Many thanks for sending this great pics!

This car is an ex Greater Manchester Police covert car. 6 cars were delivered to Manchester Police new TASS unit for covert work all in plain standard colours without silver stripes. The owner of this car is also Steve Conry.

This pics sent me a Sunbeam driver from France.

Chris Kistell sent me some pics of his car.

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