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This car bought my father in the year 1980. It starts my Sunbeam-fascination as I was a little boy. During the time he modified the car with some Sunbeam Lotus alloy wheels. They were quit hard to get in Germany. Some front grill lights were added too. After some quality problems like two gear box damages and in the end a engine damage, the car was sold in 1983. If your want some more informations about this car, please contact me. Click on the pics to open the picture gallerys, please.

This is the Sunbeam TI of Bernard from France. I'm very glad to present his beautiful car here on my website, because original standart TIs are very rare. More informations about this car coming soon.

Robert from England is the lucky owner of this beautiful standart Sunbeam TI. The car was taken off the road in 1986 and put in a garage until 2000. It was then left outside until it's restauration. Many thanks to Robert for this pics!

Marc Sayce owned this Sunbeam Ti in 1989.

Derek built up his great car which was in a very corroded condition over 12 months.

Update 4/12/15

This Sunbeam TI from Scotland, was rebuild to a rallye car. It has a group a specification. The owner drives this car on several motorsport events.

On this pics you can see a 1981 series 2 Sunbeam from Dietmar Huemer from Austria. He ownes this car since 1991. It runned 71.000 km. He modificated it with some sport air cleaners and a strud brace. A Koni Suspension is planned for the future.

Here you can see an original 1982 Monte Carlo Rallye Car from Switzerland. It was rebuild to a two-seater and contains a roll cage. Its engine-output is 115 bhp. You can find the Hompage of the car owner on my Links.

This is a series 1 Sunbeam TI from Stephan Foerster from Austria. He has Rebuildt this car in 450 working hours. The car has 140 bhp and the wheight is 900 kg. He drives this car on some Rallye car events. You can find the Hompage from Stephan Foerster on my Links.

This car is owned by Wim Zwaart from the Netherlands. He restores it at the moment. More informations will follow soon.

Twan from the Netherlands sent me this pics of his ex Sunbeam TI. The car with the registration number FY-05-YZ was brought in 1981 by Twan. Later, he brought a second Sunbeam (GK-89-BN) and restaurated this car.

Norbert Müller was driving sucessfully some TIs between 1983-1985 at many national and international Rallyes. One of it has alived and became a restoration at this time. Norbert stays in touch and keep us up to date with some pics about the restoration.

Car Facts:

Talbot Sunbeam 1600 TI
VIN: T4DCXAL303932
Engine-No: TB4630
FIA Homologation Gr2/A6

Update 6/21/15

A Sunbeam enthusiast from Germany sent me this pics of his car.

Update 3/29/15

Klaus Wendel drove this Sunbeam Ti on several race events in the eighties. He restores another car at the moment.

Update 5/13/2015