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I made this pics at the international Simca-meeting in Wesel/Germany in 2012.

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This is the works-built car KKV 394V from Russell Brookes. I made the first pics on the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2014.

Update 6/30/14

The former German talbot-dealer Gutman was fitting street cars to rally or hill-climb cars for customers. On the following pics you can see a car from this dealer. This pics were on a catalogue from the eighties, which you can see on "Scans Sunbeam Lotus".

This is the Sunbeam from Friedhelm Pinnen. He built this rallye car up from a car who was nearly a wreck. He drives it together with his son on the "Eifel Historic Rallye". The specifications of this car:

Engine: 16-valve-Cosworth-cylinderhead with twin overhead camshafts, Dellorto carburettors
Cubic Capacity: 2174 cc
Engine Output: 185 bhp
Transmission: ZF-5-speed gearbox with 2.33/1.0 ratio
Suspension and Tyres: Bilstein, Dunlop in 215 and 235, 13" Minilites
I made this pics in July, 14th 2007. Click here to see a small video of this car.

Peter Schloemer drives his Sunbeam Lotus Rallye on the "Eifel Historic" Rallye too. I made this pictures in July, 14th 2007. The pictures behind were from www.rallye-fans.de.

This is the Sunbeam Lotus from Andre Schroers. He drives it on some hillclimbing race events in Germany. For more informations about German hillclimbing race events visit the site: www.berg-cup.de

Alex from the UK made this pics of some original Sunbeam Rallye works cars at the Rallye Day 2006 in Castle Coombe. Many thanks for this pics!

Built by the Talbot Competitions Department for the 1982 British Open Rally Championship, YHP 333X was the first Sunbeam Lotus painted in the Peugeot Talbot Sport colour scheme. It is now the only known works Sunbeam Lotus proven to be in its original shell and to have a current MSA Competition Log Book.


1982 Welsh Rally - Blomqvist/Cederberg - 3rd overall
1982 Scottish Rallye - Blomqvist/Cederberg - retired leading
1982 PACE Rallye - Blomqvist/Cederberg - 4th overall
1984 Barhain Rally - Brookes/Broad - 1st overall

Following the end of the 1982 season, it was sold to Talbot Sport contractors Mike Little Preparations in Carlisle. Under their ownership it was converted to right hand drive and used by Russell Brookes to win the 1984 Barhain International Rally outright.

It was then sold on into private ownership, competing in numerous Scottish events before being bought as a restoration project by the present owner. The restoration was undertaken by original Talbot WRC contractors Phil Davison and Jim Little, both of whom were significantly involved in the car's initial creation and running support.

Originality has been preserved throughout the car, with simpathetic introduction of the minor modifications necessary to qualify for a current MSA rally log book.
Klick here for a video of YHP 333X.
Special thanks to the owner Julian Burch for the car details, also special thanks to Simon for the pics.

This is the first Rallye car from Colin McRae, who died tragically at a helicopter accident. This pics are from Andy Burton and Ian Wells.

A Sunbeam driver from Belgium sent me this pics of his car.