Talbot-Sunbeam.de - Pics Chrysler Sunbeam Basic Models

This are the original pics from Chrysler Germany. They were sent to the car dealers as information material just before the launch. Click on the pics to open the picture galleries, please.

This press pics of a Sunbeam GLS from Chrysler Nederland are dated by May, 24th 1978. The pictures also represent a Sunbeam GL.

The next picture gallery shows some undated Sunbeam LS press pics from Chrysler United Kingdom.

Press photos from the Sunbeam S and LS.

In Germany, Talbot launched the Sunbeam special model "Disco Star" in 1977. The car based on the Sunbeam LS. You can watch some scans about it here.

Update 3/11/2014

This Sunbeam GL stands in the Museum Of Transport in Glasgow.

This pic of a Chrysler Sunbeam 1.6 S sent me a dutch Sunbeam driver.

This Sunbeam Trio of Steve Conry is based on a Sunbeam 1.3 GL. He put a Group 2 Sunbeam Ti engine from a works supplied Sunbeam Ti in it. The car has 6"x13" wheels. You can contact Steve by email under forum@asoc.co.uk.