Pics from the 11th international Simca-meeting in Wesel/Germany.
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Update 5/21/2012

Pics from the 10th international Simca-meeting in Bastogne/Belgium.

The ASOC Europe meeting near the Nürburgring, Germany happend on the 8-9th August 2009. I was very glad to meet some of the club members and their families and I saw some beautiful cars there. Here you can see some pics of the Saturday meeting.

The Talbot Horizon was available in the USA as Dodge Omni, too. It was produced from 1978-1990, so there are still some good cars on the streets. My brother found this car on a USA vacation in San Francisco in May 2009. The owner (an old lady) was very amazed about a German with a camera who was running to her (whats wrong with my car?). She kindly allowed him to make some pics of her car.

Pictures from a German oldtimer meeting in July 2008.

I made this pics by a german race challange called "Youngtimer Trophy" on the Nurburgring Nordschleife in September, the 29th 2007. For more informationts about this race challange please visit www.youngtimer.de

This pics are from a Simca/Talbot/Chrysler car meeting here in Germany.